VIP event for FHBPAC 1000 Club members

The June General Membership Meeting, our leaders in legislation will speak about this past legislative session.

Prior to the GMM, there will be a VIP for FHBPAC 1000 Club members. This exclusive event will give you a chance to meet with legislators, voice your concerns and give thanks for their support. Pictures will be available. The 2022 Legislative Session is right around the corner. You can speak with our leaders about issues you see at hand during this event.

Why join the FHBPAC 1000 Club?

FHBPAC is the Florida Home Builders Political Action Committee

The voice of the building industry is paramount. For years the Political Action Committee has supported candidates and issues that support you.

Because of the support of those who contribute to PAC, we are able to make calls to our legislation when impact fees are raised 300% in one of our cities last year- during a pandemic. Now, a bill sits on the Governor’s desk that will ensure the building industry, and future homeowners will not receive this double taxation of paying an extraordinary impact fees. This bill will ensure that impact fees do not go up more than 50% in 4 years, no more than 12.5% a year. It also cleans up the language to ensure impact fee dollars are used for infrastructure.

Other bills this year that will help our industry include Apprenticeship programs, so we can get tools in the hands of students, ensuring permits are approved in a specific time from the building departments, residential property insurance to stop these false claims, and of course the Florida Building Code bill which will discourage local governments from bypassing the local technical amendment process to the Florida Building Code by allowing an affected party the opportunity to submit a complaint to the Florida Building Commission for a non-binding advisory opinion. For more information on other bills our endorsed candidates have supported click here:

The FHBPAC has saved you thousands of dollars on every project you have worked on. Now we ask for you to help support the PAC.

Supporting the right candidates that are pro-building, pro-business, pro-growth is vital to your business.

FHBPAC endorses all state positions and statewide issues on the ballot. Please show your support today.

Sign up to be an FHBA PAC 1000 club member. You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

THE FHB PAC 1000 CLUB hammers home the financial support necessary to elect pro-builder candidates who share our ideas and understand building is a vital part of Florida’s economy.

Become a 1,000 Club Member today and be:

  • Invited to exclusive receptions and meetings with key Legislators where you can voice your concerns
  • Given priority consideration for the delivery of checks to candidates
  • Recognized in our publications and at meetings
  • Identified by a FHB PAC 1,000 Club lapel pin
  • Become a member and ensure your building industry grows in strength and numbers. Be the FHB PAC 1000 Club.
  • Attend the June 1st VIP event with Senator Joe Gruters, Senator Ben Albritton, Representative Mike Grant and Representative Melony Bell with FHBA CEO Rusty Payton and FHBA Director of GA Dane Bennett. See attached flyer for details.

Thank you to our local members who are FHBPAC 1000 club members”

GOLD FHB PAC ($5,000-$9,999)

Bill Truex (Truex Preferred Construction)

SILVER FHB PAC ($1,001-$4,999)

John Carlson (Wharton-Smith)

Suzanne Graham (Massey Services)

Danny Nix Jr. (Nix & Associates)

Odette Embury (Drummond Mortgage)

FHB PAC 1000Club ($1,000)

Bill Paul (Woodland Group)

Carla Nix (Nix & Associates)

Jim Sanders (AR Homes/Sandstar)

Paul Schaefer (Sage Homes)

Bob Miller (Boyette & Miller Con & Dev)

Sharon Neuhofer (Coldwell Banker Sunstar)

Tom Thornberry (T. Thornberry)

TJ Thornberry (Thornberry Custom Builders)

If you would like to join the FHB PAC 1000 Club register online at or click here to download the FHBPAC form.

Thank you in advance for being a part of the strong voice of the building industry.