CDBIA Associate of the Year

Associate of the Year

2020: Robin Lindecamp
First International Title

The Associate of the Year is Robin Lindecamp, First International Title.

Robin has volunteered at every event the CDBIA hosted. Through the pandemic she continued to help assist welcoming members and volunteering at the welcome table at events. Family is her #1 priority and we are so lucky to have her as part of the CDBIA family.

2020 Associate of the Year Robin Lindecamp with Awards Chair Zac Extejt


Past Recipients of the CDBIA Associate of the Year

Year         Member
2019 Harbor Nissan
2018 Danny Nix Jr.
2017 Penny McIlwain
2016 Carlene Zeches
2015 Melanie Markel
2014 Nancy Hyndman
2013 Sharon Neuhofer
2012 Rex Koch
2011 Rick Guinn
2010 Wendy Atkinson
2009 Barbara Arenal
2008 Todd Rebol
2007 Becky Roberts
2006 Gayla Lees
2005 Carole Ponzio
2004 Chenango Supply
2003 Fla. Direct Insurance
2002 Flex Bon Paints
2001 Cox Lumber
2000 Charlotte-Sun Herald
1999 Fred Meau
1998 Don Gasgarth’s Charlotte County Ford
1997 Sunniland Corporation
1996 Raymond Building Supply
1995 Raymond Building Supply
1994 Diane Cataldo
1993 Nancy Padgett
1992 Jackie Miller
1991 Odette Embury
1990 William Murray


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