CDBIA Builder of the Year


Builder of the Year was awarded to Justin Bergum, CBJ Builders Group. Justin, earned his Florida Certified Building Contractor in 2019 and has been remodeling commercial and residential projects in this area since. Justin credits the success of his business being involved in the community, but we know one attribute is his customer service. Justin is a proud member of the CDBIA and has utilized his membership hiring subcontractors and finding vital business partners.

Past recipients:

Year Builder
2020 James “Jimmy” Jones
2019 Ron Oskey
2018 Rodney Luke
2017 Jonathan Kapper Sr.
2016 Peter Ide
2015 Jim Weisberg
2014 Kevin Koch
2013 Robert Markel
2012 Beth Cantin
2011 Bob Miller
2010 Bill Truex
2009 Don & Beth Cantin
2008 Kristen Marsella
2007 Tj Thornberry
2006 Ron Hill
2005 Larry Sandles
2004 Ron Hill
2003 Richard Sinclair
2002 Don McCandless
2001 Harold Weaver
2000 Dean DeGross
1999 Michael Allgood
1998 Chester ”Pete” Porter
1997 Tim Towles
1996 David Wolff
1995 Jim Anderson
1994 Jim Sanders
1993 Jay Carlson
1992 Tom Fero
1991 Alan LeBeau
1990  Peter C. Taylor



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