CDBIA Member of the Year

Member of the Year

2020: Colleen Ferrara, Conserva Irrigation of SWFL

The Member of the Year was presented to Colleen Ferrara, Conserva Irrigation of SWFL.

Colleen has been a leader in the CDBIA, helping promote membership. As the membership chair she has helped our CDBIA family grow. This past October home builders’ associations throughout the nation held membership drives and under Colleen’s leadership, the CDBIA had the 2nd largest drive in the nation. Colleen serves on the Bowling & Billiards, Swingo De Mayo and Executive Committees.

Congratulations, Colleen!

2020 Member of the Year Colleen Ferrara with 2020 Awards Chair Zac Extejt


Past Recipients of the CDBIA Member of the Year

Year Member

2019 Benny Mills
2018 Bill Truex
2017 Sharon Neuhofer & Odette Embury
2016 Rick Kelley
2015 Anna Crapet
2014 Rachael Lowe
2013 Mike LaPorta
2012 Mellisa Ginn
2011 Rick Ilmberger
2010 Frank Bell
2009 Ken & Shena Violette
2008 Jennifer Byrd
2007 Tom Thornberry & Jay Carlson
2006 Debbie Emmons
2005 Ron Hill & Zac Extejt
2004 Carla Sykes
2003 Jim Anderson
2002 Suzanne Graham
2001 Suzanne Graham
2000 Richard Sinclair
1999 Tom Thornberry
1998 Michael Allgood
1997 Ken Mappes
1996 Blair McVety
1995 Jay Carlson


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