E. Jay Carlson Award

E. Jay Carlson Award

2021: Zac Extejt Charlotte County Seawalls

In memory of one of the leaders of the CDBIA, the E. Jay Carlson Award was presented this year to Zac Extejt, Charlotte County Seawalls.

Jay Carlson dedicated his life to the building industry. He was a leader who gave us a strong foundation. His legacy will continue on with future leaders in the industry. That is The Carlson Way.

Zac served as the 2004 and 2019 President of the CDBIA. Zac is also a Life Director of the Florida Home Builders Association. Zac has grown up in the CDBIA. His father, Gene was a founding father of our association, and his brother Blair was also President. Zac has continued to stay involved, helping and building leaders. Zac is the first to call emerging leaders of the CDBIA to offer guidance and support. Zac was President during Hurricane Charley, and helped rebuild or community after the disaster, and NAHB leaned on his knowledge to assist other communities hit by disasters, including Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and the Panhandle after Hurricane Michael. Zac always puts the industry and the community first and we thank him for his lifetime of service.
Past Recipients of the E. Jay Carlson Award Year         Member 2020 Jim Sanders 2019 Odette Embury

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