2 Days CEUs for State Contractors

The Charlotte DeSoto Building Industry Association will be hosting Continuing Education Classes at the CDBIA office on July 17th and July 18th from 9:00am-4:30pm. This line up provides all 14 credit hours to both building contractors and electricians with electricians attending day 1 and receiving a 7-hour correspondence course.
Class schedule is as follows:
Day 1 – July 18th
Understanding Workers Compensation —1 hr. (CILB Course #0008545 ECLB Course#0007374 — C)
Worksite Safety— 1 hr. (CILB Course #0008546/ECLB Course #0007375 — S)
Lien Law — 1 hr. (CILB Course #9693/ ECLB Course #0007877— B)
Florida Laws & Rules — 1 hr. (CILB Course #0010178) (Approved for CILB ONLY) Advanced 2017
FBC Significant Code Changes—1 hr. (CILB Course# 0611359/ECLB Course# 0801491—
ADV Wind Mitigation Methodologies — 1 hr. (CILB #0010303) (Approved for CILB ONLY) 0611359/ECLB Course# 0801491—ADV)
Asset Protection − 1 hr.(CILB Course #0009694/ECLB Course #0007872 − B)
Day 2 – July 19th
Business Benchmark —1hr. (CILB Course #0008548/ ECLB Course #0007377— B)
Improved Management Techniques — 2 hrs. (CILB Course #0009697ECLB Course #0007875 — B) A
Journey Through Your Business Lifecycle — 4 hrs. (CILB Course #0009699/ECLB Course #0007876 — B/C) OR
NEC Update (correspondence course) — 7 hrs. (ECLB #0800203 — T) (Approved for ECLB ONLY) Contractors: Get all 14 credit hours by attending both days.
Electricians: Attend day 1 and receive correspondence course for day 2.

To register, click here: https://charlottedesotobia.growthzoneapp.com/ap/Events/Register/4pVNjzp8