Need a new roof? What to expect

Hurricane Ian devastated our community on September 28th, 2022. There is an expected 80,000 homes and offices in our community that may need repair or a new roof.

Here are some tips to help you through your process

Do you need a new roof?

  • Effective February 12, 2015, roof repairs of 100 square feet or less (1 square) that do not involve
    repairs to trusses or rafters will not require a building permit. Contractor licensing laws still
    enforced per  Florida Statutes Chap. 489
  • Business Professional Regulation Emergency Declaration 2022-03, in which certified and registered general, building and residential contractors are not required to subcontract roofing jobs in Charlotte County.
  • Structures with roof damage are not required to have a permit for tarping a roof and securing a structure. The same is true for roof damage that is less than 100 square feet.
  • Roofs that have damage to the rafters, trusses or structural elements will need a renovation permit obtained by a general, building or residential contractor.
  • If the existing roof covering was installed before March 1, 2009 and more than 25% of the roof covering is damaged, the whole roof covering will need to be replaced.
  • If the existing roof covering was installed after March 1, 2009, the owner may elect to repair only the damaged area and not the whole roof.

What type of contractor can install a new roof?

  • Contractors must have a Florida Contractor License, which is regulated by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
  • Florida has reciprocity with contractors from the following states (Note- contractors from this state must register with DBPR and will attain a Florida contractor license number)
    • Mississippi (General, Building and Residential Contractors)
    • North Carolina (General, Building and Residential Contractors)
    • Louisiana (General, Building and Residential Contractors)
  • Florida contractors must be registered with the local building department to be able to pull a permit

Tips for the homeowner:

  • Most building departments are issuing a roofing permit within a day.
    • To verify a permit has been submitted for your home, click on your building department link below:
      • Charlotte County (includes all areas of Charlotte County except homes and businesses in the city of Punta Gorda
      • Punta Gorda (includes only homes and businesses within the city limits)
      • DeSoto County (includes all homes and offices in DeSoto County)
      • North Port (includes all homes and businesses in North Port)
  • Permits should be displayed at the site where the work is being performed. A contractor will place a copy of the permit in a permit box, or in some cases a bag in a noticeable spot.
  • Deposit
    • If you are signing a contract with a contractor, make sure the payment is made to the company that is listed on the contract.
      Never pay the full amount of a repair up front and hesitate before providing large deposits. Florida law requires a contractor to apply for a permit within 30 days and start work within 90 days if he collects more than 10 percent of the contract up front.
  • If hiring a contractor from out of town:
    • Make sure they have the proper Florida Contractor License.
    • Make sure they pull a permit
    • Check with your roofing contractor regarding your warranty. Will they come back to service your roof if you have any issues after the storm?
    • There are two inspections that will be done on your roof. Make sure a dry in inspection is done prior to allowing them to complete your roof.