Membership development is vital to the future of any association. The continuous influx of new members and the retention of current members are critical for maintaining the CDBIA’s powerful voice in the homebuilding industry.

Your membership is one of the most valuable resources for building your association. Just as every nail in a home is essential to the development and strength of a building, volunteers who recruit and retain members play a vital role in the growth, development and stability of an association - they are our “Membership Champions.”

In 2021, CDBIA members recruited over 150 new members 418 spike points! To date, members of the CDBIA have earned 6,866 points!

Let’s recognize our leaders in the Spike Club for 2021:

Congratulations to the Top Spike of 2021: Jim Weisberg (Quality Homes of Port Charlotte) who earned 33.5 spike points this year!

Top Spike- Jim Weisberg

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