Membership development is vital to the future of any association. The continuous influx of new members and the retention of current members are critical for maintaining the CDBIA’s powerful voice in the homebuilding industry.

Your membership is one of the most valuable resources for building your association. Just as every nail in a home is essential to the development and strength of a building, volunteers who recruit and retain members play a vital role in the growth, development and stability of an association - they are our “Membership Champions.”

In 2019, over 180 new companies joined the CDBIA, and our retention 12% higher than last year. To date, our CDBIA family has earned over 6,500 points.

Let’s recognize our leaders in the Spike Club for 2019:

Tricia Gibbs Precise Painting, 15 points

Suzanne Graham, Massey Services, 16 points

Rick Ilmberger Suncoast Glass & Mirror, 17.5 points

Jim Sanders, Arthur Rutenberg Sandstar Homes, 18 points

Wendy Atkinson, Nolan Family Insurance, 20.5 points

Lee Titchworth Harbor Nissan, 27 points

Jim Weisberg Quality Homes of Port Charlotte, 28 points

Bill Truex, Truex Preferred Construction, 29 points

TJ Thornberry, Thornberry Custom Builders, 37 points

Congratulations to our Top Spike:

Bob Miller, Boyette & Miller Construction and development who earned 66.5 points this year!



Lifetime Spike Points:



Suzanne Graham Massey Services 501.75
James Sanders Jr., CAPS, C AR Homes/Sandstar 472.00
John Wiseman CORE Construction 386.25
Bill Truex, CGB, CGP Truex Preferred Construction 357.00
Don Riggs Don Riggs Concrete 319.50
Thomas "TJ" Thornberry Thornberry Custom Builders 301.00
Wendy Atkinson Nolan Family Insurance 259.00
Rick Ilmberger Suncoast Glass & Mirror 258.50
Bob Miller Boyette & Miller Construction and Development 248.50
Thomas Thornberry Charlotte Plumbing 205.00
Zac Extejt Charlotte County Seawalls 186.00
Blair McVety Charlotte County Seawalls 186.00
James Anderson J. Anderson 173.50
Joe Ernst Lori Swindell Insurance 170.00
Tim Schellenger Home by Towne 127.50
Edward Blanchard Davidson Insulation 123.50
Suncoast Sales 91.50
Robert Markel Royalty Construction 87.50
Drew Smith Two Trails 87.50
Kenneth Mappes Gant Electric 84.00
James Weisberg Quality Homes of Port Charlotte 74.50
Sharon Neuhofer Coldwell Banker Sunstar Realty 74.00
Jenny Malone Wiseman 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty 69.75
Odette Embury Drummond Mortgage 69.50
Beth Cantin-Brown Cantin Homes 60.50
John Carlson CORE Construction 58.50
Patrick Lewis Sharp Development of SWFL 57.50
Jonathan Kapper Kapper Contracting 57.00
Mellisa Lee Pestguard 54.00
Kevin Koch After a Disaster Restoration 24/7 53.00
Melanie Markel Array of Cabinets 53.00
Brian Goetz Kitchen Classics 42.50
Rachael Lowe TitanZ Plumbing 41.50
Nelson Birchenough Birch's Electric 41.00
Paul Schaefer II, CGP, CA Sage Homes 40.00
Robyn Bonaquist B squared Advertising 36.00
Claudine Wetzel Stock Development 35.25
Brian Gonsalves Brigon Homes 32.00
Bobby Buonaiuto Total Recon Cleaning Services 26.00
Kathy Kemeny Just Counters & Other Stuff 26.00
Penny McIlwain L&W Supply 24.50
Tricia Gibbs Precise Painting 24.00
Carlene Zeches Z Interior Decorations 22.50
Lee Titchworth Harbor Nissan 28.00
Robert Overcash Integrity Electic 20.50
Anna Crapet Bacon's Furniture 19.50
Todd Rebol Banks Engineer 19.50
Walter Stawarski Harborside Copier Center 19.50
William Lainhart Lainhart Painting 12.50
Benny Mills Top Quality Remodeling 12.00
Nicholas Worden Centennial Bank 11.50
Caryn Huff-Sufferling Wharton-Smith 11.00
Brian McVety Murdock Stones 10.50
Rex Koch Kox & Co CPA 10.00
Jeff Lindsey Sunniland Roofing Supplies 10.00
Stacy Lowery Pinkerton Payroll & Insurance 10.00
Danny Nix Nix & Associates 10.00
Colleen Ferrara Conserva Irrigation of SWFL 9.50
Rick Kelley Kinetico Water Systems of SWFL 9.50
Bernard Kanuck BUILD RITE Builders 9.00
Jamie Rawlinson Sharp Development of SWFL 8.00
Jaha Cummings ARI Production 7.00
Peter Ide Vantage Homes 7.00

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