Bill Truex, Englewood Florida Certified Master Builder

Bill Truex, Englewood Florida Certified Master Builder


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Florida Certified Master Builders are elite Home Builders, Remodelers and Commercial Contractors who are dedicated to excellence in building and client satisfaction. The builders who request certification hold themselves to a higher standard than required by the State of Florida for licensure.


Truex Preferred Construction will be known for “Doing the Right Thing” for our customers, suppliers, subcontractors, and our community. Quality construction, customer service and satisfaction are the cornerstone of our business. We promise to provide personalized service to all those with whom we do business and together build dreams and relationships.


The Owners of Truex Preferred Construction, Bill and Andrea Truex have built the business on the fundamental values they prized above all others: honesty, hard work, exceptional performance and a single-minded focus on quality and doing what is right for their clients. Many things have changed in the world of construction over the past couple of years but their belief in these core values remains constant.

TPC considers success a by-product of commitment to our clients. TPC continues to be guided by the simple philosophy of doing, above all else, what is in the best interests of their clients. They continue to seek and attract the highest – caliber people, for they drive on innovation. TPC continues to embrace changes in the marketplace for helping clients with new innovative construction and will continue to embrace our Mission Statement which sets them apart from our competition.


TPC is most proud of the talented professionals that comprise Truex Preferred Construction, their continuing commitment to our fundamental values, and the lasting improvements and impressions they have left with our customers that entrust us and come from all over the world.


The State of Florida proudly touts the extreme difficulty with which to obtain a contractor’s license. Once received, builders and remodelers must adhere to the stringent Florida Building Code and receive 14 hours of continuing education every two years in order to maintain their license. FCMB recognizes Florida’s rigorous standard for all contractors, but knows it is not enough to stand out amongst the crowd.


Florida Certified Master Builders must meet strict requirements and demonstrate a proven track record of building expertise, business stability, integrity and exceptional customer service. Their education, design and product research requirements keep them in tune with the latest building practices and design trends.


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Florida Certified Master Builder was created to help consumers find a builder they can trust.


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