Gain of Thrones Membership Drive

Building is essential, and so is your local builders association.
Through this pandemic, the National Association of Home Builders, Florida Home Builders Association and your CDBIA family worked hard for you.
From NAHB working with the WH to ensure they used the Homeland Security list of essential workers that included construction and contractors, to FHBA working with our state to ensure they used the same list and deem our industry essential, to working hard with our local city and county officials to keep your flow of building safe, and seamless through all the modifications, you can thank our members.
Jobsite safety, essential letters, and working through the many different programs, the CDBIA helped each business who contacted us. We pushed job openings for those who needed employees.
Now is when we need you. There are still issues surrounding our industry. Your voice is needed to join us.
Our Charlotte- DeSoto Building Industry Association has grown to the 5th largest association in the state, and 76th in the nation. With a population in our area of 227,000 this is exciting since we are a smaller territory. This gives us a loud voice locally, statewide and nationally.
If you were ever interested in being a part of the fun, the excitement, the advocacy or if you are looking at ways to get a chance to network with the most influential people in the building industry, or if you are wanting to be a part of the change you want to see in our industry, come join the CDBIA family.
If this is not enough of a reason, here are 4,876 other reasons.
If you apply for membership from 11am October 14th through 11:59pm October 16th, you will get all the deals listed below.
You will also be included in the dozens of other prizes (stay tuned for details) AND….
The first person who brings a completed membership application to the CDBIA office (or joins online at 11am) will choose a shield, as seen in the picture with CDBIA Membership Chair Colleen Ferrara (Conserva Irrigation of SWFL)
Behind one of these shields there is $200! If you do not pick the winning shield, the next person who brings in a completed application chooses, and the next until the prize is found.
Good luck to all.
For more information, or the link to join, please visit