Charlotte-DeSoto Building Industry Association Invites you to play Virtual BINGO

On July 6th, The Charlotte DeSoto Building Industry Association will be hosting an online BINGO game called BUILDING BINGO Blast.

Each person who registers will be given a BINGO card. To play, you will need to visit Facebook starting on July 6th at 9am and find BINGO tokens that will be posted on CDBIA member pages. There will be a total of 10 games.

Clues to which pages to find the tokens will be available on the CDBIA Facebook page at

Once you have found the called “Bingo token(s)” like and comment on the token post and mark off that company’s logo spot. (It is required that you Like and comment on each of the “Bingo Token” Post(s) in order for your Bingo Card to qualify to win.)

The game will continue until there is a winner for each game.
(10 BINGO games will be available)

1.) Diagonal
2.)Full Diamond
3.)Four Stamps
5.)Letter U
6.)Letter L
7.)Broken Frame
9.)Letter T

We will award the first 10 correct BINGO game winners with gift cards!

Diagonal, Full Diamond, Four Stamps, Flag, Letter T, Letter U, Letter L, Broken Frame, Pyramid will win a Twenty-five dollar ($25.00) Gift Card
Coverall will win a one hundred ($100.00) Gift Card

GOOD LUCK Building Bingo Blast Players!

This game is open to anyone. To get your BINGO card, please email or call 941-625-0804. To register online please click on this link: