Charlotte County Building Division COVID-19

From Charlotte County Building Department:


This correspondence is to notify the construction industry that the Charlotte County Community Development is conducting business as usual but are asking for your help in limiting exposure to COVID-19. Our lobby is open but we’d ask that you would consider using our Citizen Access Portal and online permitting at if possible. We realize that this may not be an option to some so if you must come into the office to conduct business to please make sure you are not sick and showing symptoms of COVID-19.

When scheduling inspections in occupied residential dwelling units (single family, duplex, apartments, condos, etc), please ask the occupant of the dwelling if they are sick or showing symptoms COVID-19 before scheduling the inspections. If the Building Inspectors see that the occupants are sick they will cancel the inspection and not enter the dwelling. The contractor will need to make arrangements to reschedule the inspection when the occupants are healthy.

The Construction Industry Licensing Board and Code Enforcement Board meeting have been cancelled for April.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these matters.

Please visit the County website for future notifications on levels of service and operations as decisions on the matter are happening quickly.




Interim Community Development director

Building Official,CFM