Essential Letter

After numerous calls for our members, we want to keep you informed about the Executive Order from Governor Ron Desantis and what this means for you and your staff.

On April 1st, Governor Ron Desantis issued a “Safer- At- Home” order. This is an order requesting people to stay at home and only leave their home for needs or work at a declared essential business. According to Executive Order 20-91, the construction industry is deemed essential. For building industry operations, please view the Executive Order to see if you are included. In viewing the order, many building industry related categories are deemed essential.

We have fielded several questions about the need to carry such a letter. Here are the facts:


  • The state is not being shut down and there is no Shelter in place order;
  • The Governor issued a Safer-At-Home order, with very liberal freedom of movement allowances;
  • There is no state requirement to carry a travel letter or permit;
  • Essential activities include daily tasks such as shopping for groceries and recreation such as hunting and biking, which require freedom of movement;
  • The letter can be used to help calm concerns as your essential workers enter through HOA guard gates, hospital to conduct repairs, etc.

Keep in mind, the  letter is not give one permission to enter private property without permission and it is not a legal document. The letter simply asserts the employer has determined the letter holder’s services to be deemed essential under the Governor’s most recent order.

On a personal note, thank you to all who have called the office, texted and sent emails. Your questions help us find the solutions, not just for you but for ALL of our CDBIA family and the construction industry. If you run into any situations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click here to open the letter in Microsoft Word: